Lawns & Turf laying

Whether you need a new lawn or improvements to your existing lawn, we install two types of turf. Hard wearing turf when the lawn is going to get a lot of use to Premier turf which provides a great looking lawn.

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Domestic Fences

We offer a full service to our customers where we will provide an initial consultation and advise you on the best types of fencing to suit your property.

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Commercial Fences

We offer a full service to our customers where we will provide an initial consultation and advise you on the best types of fencing to suit your property.

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Gates are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be built to your specification. We offer a range of gates including, Pedestrian gates, Double gates, Field gates, Bespoke gates and Metal gates.

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Timber Constructions & Pegolas

We can erect pre-made kits or provide bespoke constructions, either in hardwood or softwood depending on your requirements and budget.

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Patios and Paving

With so many varieties of paving materials, we can advise you on the best choice to suit your home, requirements and budget. We offer paving products, ranging from man-made concrete paving to natural stone.

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We can install paths of any size and material to suit your requirements. Some of our common paths that we install include Concrete, Gravel / Stone, Brick, Natural Stone and Bark Chip.

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We offer a complete service to transform your garden. We'll do everything from the groundwork to the construction of garden walls, lawns, paving, beds, rockeries and garden buildings.

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Decking is available in a range of materials to suit your budget. Whether you would like softwood decking, hardwood decking or composite decking.

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